What is Thanksgiving Day and Why do we Celebrate it? First Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Day

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What is Thanksgiving Day and Why do we Celebrate it? First Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in The United States Of America celebrated each year on 4th Thursday of November. It is also known as a harvest festival. Thanksgiving was historically a religious day to give thanks to the god. It’s time to thank all the good things in our life.



On this day, family reunions and have lavish feasts. Thanksgiving Day is considered as one of the major family celebration in the USA. People celebrate this day with great excitement and warmth with their friends and family. People exchange gifts like chocolates, cookies, flowers, Jewellery etc to their friends and relatives. At home, we make traditional dishes like Roasted Turkey, coins, Potatoes and Pumpkin pie as their Thanksgiving meal.

Amazing Facts about Thanksgiving

  • The First Thanksgiving was held in the autumn of 1621.


  • What’s on the Menu?

    Many historians say that on Early thanksgiving people ate Deer, Ducks, Geese, eel, fish, lobsters and oysters.

  • First Thanksgiving meal was eaten with spoons and knives. Yes, Forks didn’t even introduce.

  • Thanksgiving was a fast, not a feast. The early colonist gave thanks to God by praying.


  • Each Year Americans ate 46 million Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

  • Sarah Josephs hale, the writer of the “Mary had a little lamb”, is the person who had persuaded President Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a National Holiday.


  • In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of November to be the National Holiday for Thanksgiving.



Thanksgiving Day is also a Beginning of Festival Season. BLACK FRIDAY is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. On this Day Retailers Open very early and Offer heavy Sales on their Products.

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