Top ten deadliest roads in the world

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10. Sichuan Tibet highway in China

Sinchuan-Tibet highway is the tenth most dangerous highway in the world. Sinchuan-Tibet highway is a 2,142 kilometer long road which connects the Lhasa of Tibet to Sichuan of Chengdu. This highway pass through alteast 14 high mountains. While driving on this road you may face rock slides, poor weather and most dangerous avalanches.


9. Skipper Road in New Zealand


During nineteen century 1862, several shepherds found the gold near the Queenstown river in New Zealand. Which afterwards created a gold rush in this area. Soon there was a need of access route, which resulted in the Skipper road.

Skipper road is a 16 ½ miles long road and it took almost 22 years to complete a road.

In some areas road become so narrow that the two vehicles cannot pass each other. A special permission is required to drive in this winding road.

8. Halsema Highway in Philippines

Halsema highway is the one of the highest highway of Philippines. Rock slides, Mud slides, Landslides, narrow roads, slippery in rainy season and an extreme foggy condition are enough to make this road one of the deadliest road in the world. Further the people drive their vehicles at high speed making the road extremely deadliest for small vehicles.

7. PatiopouloPerdikaki road in Greece


This road is 23.5km long connecting the mountainous areas of Patiopoulo to Perdikaki, Slippery surface narrow and steep sections, pedestrians, heavy traffic, no guard rails. It has pot holes and a little grip for vehicles, and at the night there is no light to guide your route.

6.The Zoji pass in India

Zoji La pass is the highest mountain pass in India, It is 3,528 meter above the sea level. This is also one of the important mountain pass in India. It is 9 km long and are closed in the winter season.

5.Guoliang Tunnel Road in China

Guoliang Tunnel is the 1.2 kilometer long tunnel road, 5 meter in height and 4 meter wide is one of the most famous tunnel road in the world and was constructed in 1972, several people die in the construction and it took almost 5 years to complete the tunnel.

4.Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

It is said to be highest paved international road, It connects China and Pakistan across the Karakoram range, This highway is 4,693 meters above the sea level.

Landslides are common in this region and floods makes the situation worst.

 3. James Dalton Highway in United States


Dalton road is 414 miles long highway stretched toward Fairbanks to Bay oil fields in the Alaska state of United States. Pot holes, strong winds and -80°F freeze temperature makes it third deadliest road in the world.

2. Jalalabad Highway in Afghanistan



Numerous roads have been named “most unsafe,” yet the 65-kilometer extend of road from Jalalabad to Kabul has more claim than most. The risk increase when the drivers try to overtake in such a narrow road.

1. North Yungas Road in Bolivia

Title of the most deadliest road goes to Yungus road of Bolivia, It is 40 mile long and 12,000 feet in elevation, this road has no protection, very narrow road and fogging and landslides makes it more deadliest, This road is also famous with the name of Death road.

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