How To Increase YouTube Views – Best Tricks To Increase YouTube Views

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In this article, we will tell you few tricks to increase your YouTube views. But before we go ahead we would like to tell you that it may take a time. We don’t have a full proof method to make your video viral overnight, but with these tips, you will surely be headed in the right direction. You may have a good Video content, a nice title and you constantly promote your video on Facebook, Twitter or other Social sites. But you didn’t get the result you should get. So just look in the few tips below to increase your YouTube views.

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Annotations are Old, Add End screens to video.

YouTube has stopped the Annotations and release the new feature End screen.  End screen is a part of the video which appears at the end of the video for 5 to 20 seconds. But there is a condition that your video should be least 25 seconds long. You can add a maximum of 4 elements in your end screen, the element can be Video, website, merchandise, Playlist or you can also tell your viewers to Subscribe.


Most of the YouTube’s take Playlists very lightly. Playlists play a very crucial part in increasing YouTube views. A playlist is a group or a list of videos which plays in order. One of the best thing about playlist is that it comes separately in the search result, it can also be embedded into your website or blog same as video and it plays your videos automatically one after the another which overall increases the chances to increase your YouTube views.



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Subscribers are the best and the easiest ways to increase your views. Your Subscribers are already waiting for your next video to watch. The more subscribers you got the more views you will receive. Your video will be displayed on the home page of your subscribers which increase the chance of your video to be watched. If you have a large number of subscribers then you can get thousands of views in few days or in few hours. So, it will be beneficial to you if you increase you subscribers count by uploading good content video.


You must start participating in the YouTube Community by liking others video, commenting and subscribing the other YouTube Idols, by doing this you are spreading your name as well as if someone is commenting on those videos can see your comment and may head over to your channel and see your video too. By this, you can also increase your subscribers.

Trending Content

If you want to grow your channel fast, want more views and subscribers start making videos on the trending topics now. Whether it is related to Politics, Movies, Trailers, Games or any other things trending now. Write the similar title and description of the original video, by doing that your video may come up in suggested video and further increase your YouTube Video Views.

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