History Of Raksha Bandhan – Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 – Lord Vishnu

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History Of Raksha Bandhan – Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 – Lord Vishnu

Raksha Bandhan is a sacred festival. It shows the great bond, love, and trusts our siblings. In this era people have become selfish, they all need is money. Sometimes I think that Brothers and sisters are fighting over property disputes. They don’t even care about blood relations, I mean they spend their whole childhood together.
Now let’s get back on Raksha Bandhan. So, in this article, I am going to tell a beautiful story of siblings. It’s a tale about Goddess Lakshmi and Demon King Bali. It shows us a spiritual bond of Raksha Bandhan.

This legend reflects us the pure bond between Siblings which is full of love, trust, loyalty, and faith.


As per the legend like Prahlad his grandson Bali is also a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. Mahabali was a great and kind Ruler. The people were happy in his kingdom. But, Bali wanted to be the king of all three worlds (swarglok- heaven, Patalalok- underworld, Manushyaloka- the world of ours). So, he worships to Lord Brahma for many years. Finally, Brahma appeared. And ask Maha Bali that why he prays for him?


MahaBali said,” Lord people are always frightened from Asuras or Demons. I want to show to the whole world that we are also kind hearted. I want powers equal to heaven king Indra and shouldn’t be defeated in any Battle.


Lord Brahma granted him boon knowing that he was a generous man and never going to harm anybody. Soon, Bali defeated heaven king Indra, the king of Gods with the help of his teacher Shukracharya. Shukracharya was very good at battle strategies. Bali succeeded all the three worlds. Once Shukracharya told Bali that you have to perform the hundred Ashwamedha Yagnas and you always be the king of the three worlds.


Maha Bali respects his guru, he never disobeys him and said yes to 100 Ashwamedha Yagnas. Soon the preparation of yagnas is going on a full scale.


Meanwhile, Indra was feeling dejected. He feels that all the Gods are also on the side of Asura Bali. Indra’s mother Aditi worried about him.


Aditi asked, ” what happened son and why are you feeling so dejected?

Indra(angrily) said,” It’s all because of Bali. People will compare me with Asura and say that Bali is better than me.


Aditi looked at her son and give him sympathy. She decided to worship Lord Vishnu and started praying to Lord Vishnu. After some time Lord Vishnu appeared and ask Aditi, “why did you pray to me”?


Aditi said,” I want my son’s kingdom back and I wish that you are born as my son to end Bali’s menace.


Then Lord Vishnu grant her a boon and said,” I will be born as your son but didn’t harm Mahabali”.
Because Bali is a great devotee of him. Soon Aditi and Kashyap became the parents of a Black but very beautiful short boy Vamana.


Meanwhile, Demon King Bali had performed 99 yagnas and just 1 Ashwamedha yagna left after that he could always be crowned as the king of all 3 worlds. Forever, he could be the king of Heaven, Underworld and our world. During 100th Ashwamedha yagna Vamana enters and approaches the throne where Mahabali was seating. All the people who were present at the yagna started staring Vamana and wondering that “how beautiful child is”


Mahabali also felt the surge love towards Vamana and said .”Today I am very happy and I give away anything to any person. I will give you anything you want”.


Mahabali’s guru Shukracharya interrupted and told him that Vamana is none other than Lord Vishnu and come here in favour of Indra. Bali didn’t listen to his guru and went to the boy. Now, Bali knows that the boy is Lord Vishnu’s avatar. So, he again asked that what he can do for him. Vamana asked for 3 steps of land measured by his feet. Bali smiled and said,” I will give you the 3 steps of land. By saying this Vamana grew, grew and grew. In the first step the boy’s feet covered the whole earth and in the second step, the entire skies are measured with his other feet.


Then, Bali told Lord Vishnu to keep his 3rd step on his head because he promises to Lord for 3 steps of land. Lord kept his 3rd step on his head by the force of his 3rd step Asura Bali was pushed to the underworld (patalaloka).


Now, Indra and other deities come back to the skies grateful as they got back their kingdom. However, Lord Vishnu was very upset. Demon King Bali had been his true devotee and always true to what he had said. Lord Vishnu decided to go to the underworlds. Meanwhile, Mahabali was very happy in the underworld he didn’t regret the fact that he lost everything and was back again in the underworld. He is happy because he had kept his promise to his Lord. He kept himself busy in making his new kingdom in the underworld.


One day Bali saw a young dark man near his kingdom. The dark man said, “I want to be your watchman and want to be a part of your kingdom. And always protect you from any enemy”. Mahabali agreed and the young man stayed along as his watchman.


In the Vaikuntha, Goddess Lakshmi feels that she is alone and she also decided to go to the underworld. In the underworld, Mahabali saw a very beautiful woman coming towards him, she looks so graceful and powerful at the same time. She said to Mahabali,” Your Majesty, my husband is not at home and has gone to fulfill some work. I feel lonely without him and also need protection. I heard from somewhere that in your kingdom you look after everyone like your own child. Please give me protection too”.


Demon King Bali said,” You are like my sister. You can stay in my Palace as long as you wish. The lady thanked Bali. Very soon the underworld became a very prosperous and happy place. The kingdom of Bali is flourishing, people were very happy. Bali didn’t know the fact that the lady is none other than Goddess Lakshmi.


One day Bali heard some prayers which are performed by the lady. Bali asked her,”Whom are you praying for”? The Lady said,” I am praying for you, my brother”.


Mahabali again said,” I will give you whatever you want my sister!”

The woman smiled,” I want my husband, Mahabali you are the only one who can give it to me”.

Bali confused,”How can I give your husband ?”

The woman pointed to the watchman,”That is my husband.”

In a meantime, Mahabali blinked his eyes he saw Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi instead of the watchman and the lady. He was so surprised that the Goddess of wealth and fortune had been with him all these days and Lord Vishnu as his watchman. Mahabali fell to his feet and looked at the Lord. Lord Vishnu said,” Your true devotion drag me here, Bali. I had to be with you and always be a good ruler.


Then Bali turned to the Goddess,” I am sorry sister for keeping your husband away from you. Take him and go back to Vaikuntha.

The goddess Lakshmi smiled and said,” Thank you brother and you didn’t keep him, he always with them who loves him the most! May you always be a successful “


Then by saying this, the both of them vanished and went back to Vaikuntha. And this is one of the reasons for celebrating the Raksha Bandhan. The bond between the Mahabali and goddess Lakshmi is caring and loving. Thus the festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrated, where the sister prays for the well-being of the brothers and the brother always protect their sister from any loss.


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 to all of you. Spread love stay blessed.





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