Ford Is Investing $1 Billion In Argo Al for Self-Driving Car Project

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In February 2017, Ford has planned to invest one billion dollars in the company name “artificial intelligence company Argo AI” in the next five years. Many people don’t know that this company was run by the ex leaders of Google and Uber’s self driving car programs. The main purpose behind the investment is the ford want put self driving car on the roads by the end of 2021.


Ford is more than 100 year old auto manufacturer and produce automobiles in a very large scale. We are consolidating the advantages of an innovation startup… with the experience and train engineers we have.

BOD of Ford have approved the deal and Ford will hold large Stakeholder in Argo, Argo has decided to hire 200 employees by the end of the year whereas some employees of ford will join Argo.

The Vision of Agro was to see self driving cars on roads in a very large scale and for that they joined hands with the large scale company “Ford”.

Nowadays many automakers and technology organizations race to create self driving vehicles; many have joined hands together or acquired new businesses to quicken their endeavors. A year ago, Uber purchased the computerized reasoning startup called Geometric Intelligence to make an in-house AI lab. General Motors bought Cruise Automation, which is also a self-driving startup.

Furthermore, Ford likewise made an investment to improve its self-driving system. It put $75 million into Velodyne, an organization that makes sensors for self-driving autos, and obtained an Israeli machine learning organization called SAIPS.

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