Invest in Jewar Airport

Agricultural Land/Plots for Sale in Greater Noida and Jewar

Is this the right time to Invest in the Plots in Greater Noida and Jewar, The answer is a big YES,

But before coming to any conclusion let’s find out what’s so special about Jewar and why only Jewar.

Just after the Government announced to quick start the construction of the long-awaited Jewar International Airport,

Real Estate Investors have gone bullish and are investing hugely in Land deals, expecting more than double returns when the airport becomes operational.

Many Experts agree that Jewar International Airport will be a Game Changer not just for Jewar and Noida but for Yamuna Expressway.

Why You Should Invest in Jewar?

Jewar International Airport

With the estimated cost of Rs. 30,000 crores, Jewar Airport or Noida International Airport will be the third airport in the Delhi NCR region after IGI and Hindon Airport.

Construction of the first phase is expected to be completed by the year 2023, once fully completed, the airport is likely to have six to eight runways, the most in India.

Jewar to be one of the most Developed Region in India in 10 – 15 Years

Noida Township

It’s expected that the Airport project will widespread the development projects along Yamuna Expressway.

With many Country specific Industrial Parks to be set up in the region. And Development of the Multi-Integrated Model Township in Noida, Greater Noida, and Jewar.

Film City

Film City In Noida

Recently the government of UP has announced the development of 1,000 acres of New Film City in Noida along Yamuna Expressway.

This project is likely to boost Investment and Job opportunities in the region.

Once completed, this project will not only create employment and business opportunities but will also boost the real estate market from Noida, Greater Noida to Jewar Airport.

Noida Film City project will increase demand for Commercial, Industrial, and Luxury Housing Projects.

Airport Metro

Jewar Airport Metro

YEIDA is also known as Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority has announced a new Metro Line from Greater Noida to Jewar Airport by 2023.

This new Metro Line will have dedicated tracks. One to take passengers directly to the Jewar Airport and the other one for commutation within sectors between Greater Noida and Jewar.

High Returns

With the announcement of vast Infrastructure and Development projects, the cost of Lands is expected to surge near the Airport.

Many Investors are bullish over Real Estate Deals, the Majority of them buying Farmland/Agriculture in Jewar or Plots in Greater Noida.

Investment in Land is one of the major attraction among real estate investors,

Many Investors are expecting more than double return in Land deals once the airport becomes operational.

New Police Stations Planned near Jewar Airport

To increase security near the upcoming Jewar International Airport Area. Around 10 new police stations and 2, police posts will be built.

The process of land acquisition for the new station has been almost completed.

Ongoing Projects in the Yamuna Expressway

Jewar International Airport

As discussed above it will be a game-changer for the real estate market in Noida, Greater Noida, Jewar, and the whole Yamuna Expressway.

Further, it will also play a key role in Air Cargo and will have a major center for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft.

Government allots land to MSMEs, apparel, and toy manufacturers near Jewar airport

MSME in Noida

YEIDA has invited many MSMEs to set up manufacturing plants in Jewar.

The government has allotted many plots near Jewar airport in an expectation to attract more than 30,000 crore investment.

“We have received more applications than the number of plots available “, YEIDA chief executive Arun Vir Singh said.

Yamuna authority’s to create a 1,000cr Toy Park on 100 acres.

toy park in noida

Government agency YEIDA has allotted more than 100 plots near the Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida.

To leading Toymakers of India in order to cut imports and set local Toy Manufacturing Units.

YEIDA expects more than 25,000 jobs to be created once the Toy Park becomes Operational.

There will be a training centre too, to provide training on design and other requirements.

700 Acres for Electronic city near Jewar International Airport

YEIDA (Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority) will allot the land to the companies who are willing to set up a manufacturing plant here.

The main focus will be to attracting small, medium, and big hardware manufacturers to the site.

Freight Corridor

Dedicated Freight Corridor Jewar Airport to Dadri

Both Dedicated Freight Corridor between Delhi (Dadri) and Mumbai and Ludhiana to Kolkata will be close to the Jewar Airport.

Further, Dadri Station of Western Dedicated Freight Corridor will be closest and well connected to the Yamuna Expressway.

Which will convenience the local manufacturers and shape the region into a prime export and import hub.

Film City

The Noida Film City project will come upon 1,000 acres of The Yamuna expressway.

As Discussed earlier this will boost the real estate market and create tonnes of jobs in the region.

Colleges/Universities in Yamuna Expressway

Amity University

Apart from Industrial, commercial and residential, YEIDA also plans to carve out land for Colleges and Universities.

Currently, there are 20 colleges and 7 Universities in the Yamuna expressway. Such as Amity University, Gautam Budh University, etc

Formula 1 – Buddh International Circuit

Indian Grand Prix - Greater Noida

Buddh Internation Circuit is India’s one and only Formula One racing circuit and a home for the India Grand Prix situated in Greater Noida at The Yamuna Expressway.

Greater Noida Cricket Stadium

Greater Noida Stadium

Noida Cricket Stadium/Jp Cricket Stadium’s current seating capacity is 40,000 which is being upgraded to 1,00,000 till 2022, After Upgradation, it will be the biggest Cricket Stadium in the world.


YEIDA Plots for sale

Yeida has planned around 22,500 residential plots on The Yamuna expressway.

NTPC Power Plant

NTPC power Plant in Yamuna Expressway

The NTPC power plant is being constructed in Khurja near the Yamuna Expressway. In order to provide smooth and 24hrs electricity supply to the city.

Hotels on Yamuna Expressway

Hotels in Yamuna Expressway

After the approval of the Airport project, many small and big firms have started Constructing Hotels near the Airport. Currently, there are 13 Hotel projects near the Expressway.

Invest In Jewar – Buy Land In Jewar/Plots in Greater Noida

All these Infrastructure and Development projects will make the region an Economic and Industrial hub in the coming years.

And further, boost the real estate market in Greater Noida and Jewar.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage and buy land in Jewar or plot in Greater Noida and be the early mover before it’s too late.

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